Grunge, a story of music and rage

A podcast series that revisits 30 years of musical revolution, heavy sounds and fearfulness with the men and women who created grunge.

From TV documentary "Grunge, a story of music and rage" (produced by Mediawan Digital Studio and Thematics prod)

Distributed by Mediawan Rights

Journalist and director: Charlotte Blum

Produced by Thomas Plessis  (Mediawan Digital Studio)

Original music composed & produced by Victor Bruzzi

Sound Producer/engineer: Ben Mathevet @ Revolver Studio

Thanks to Sariah Choucair (voice over)

Marketing / Artwork Mediawan: Alexia Lemarinel & Nassima Badjelmane

Mediawan PR: Katia Deparis-Mazadier

@2021  Mediawan Digital Studio

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