Master finishing things

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Master finishing things

Finishing things is an art we need to take seriously. By digging into where we are blocked we can identify our problems with the task at hand and we might even gain a broader understanding of our purpose as well.

This episode presents some alternative strategies to really help you identify good ideas and get things completed.

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Some favourite book summaries with exercises:

Questions to reflect on:
  • Which tasks do I reliably finish?
    • Could some of them create value if I did more of them?
  • What are my unfinished projects?
    • What are the specific tasks within the project that I avoid?

    • How can I make it more likely to complete the difficult task?

      (Make it smaller / delegate it / change the time / do it with others)

    • Can I remove the difficult tasks entirely?

  • Do I start things which I know I won’t finish and might be damaging?
    • What is my goal in starting them?
    • Is there a very different way to get there?
  • How much time do I put into things I don’t have an interest in?
    • If I look at my goals should I say no to these things?
  • What are the best ideas I haven't done?
    • Can I let go of perfect and treat them as a stepping stone?

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  • Jane

    @Sam This is a brilliant episode! So many gems on the way through and really clearly presented so I felt I could grab onto each one - I thoroughly enjoyed listening and have picked up lots of good ideas. And the finale is ACE!! 🎉😊 @Nick

    ·1 like·

    Thanks @Jane - It was nearly very different but rewrote it 3 times on the day I was supposed to record it when I kept on thinking of different things.

    7 months ago·

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