SPOILER FREE Sonic 2 Review

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SPOILER FREE Sonic 2 Review


Sonic The Hedgehog 2 has run its way into our cinemas and right into our hearts.

Sonic is back, this time joined by his little pal Tails to fight Jim Carrey's Final Role as the evil Dr. Eggman Robotnik and his latest "friend" Knuckles. Knuckles brings his own terrifying strength to fight against Sonic as they go head to head to find The Master Emerald. But Robotnik's loyalty to Knuckles is not all it seems.

With Sega's blue blur spin dashing into a full cinematic universe Hazz thought of no one better than Ross from I Understood That Reference to join him in a two-part episode to cover the latest Sonic The Hedgehog movie. 

This first part is SPOILER FREE

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