Retro Runescape In 2021 Feat. 9Rain & Being A Content Creator | Episode 96 | Grief Burrito

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Retro Runescape In 2021 Feat. 9Rain & Being A Content Creator | Episode 96 | Grief Burrito

Hello and welcome to another episode of Grief Burrito!

This week Hazz & Jordan are joined by the total RuneBoi 9Rain! He's a world renowned streamer and youtuber known mainly for his Runescape YouTube channel however he's also a host of the podcast Bankstandin' which he hosts with J1mmy.

Hazz being a total Runescape N00B is taken on a journey by Jordan & 9Rain through the nitty gritty of the game, it's community run polling system, it's weirdly strong and stable ecomony and why people in Venezuela are using it as essentially a currency converter...

For any listeners who don't know Runescape it's an MMO which started in 2001 and is still going today in (to an outsider) a very similar style. The graphics still haven't really changed that much! It seems like such a strange concept that a game of that graphical fidelity would still be so popular today in the age of ray tracing and 4k textures!

The bois also get into what it's like to be a content creator and meeting people who you've looked up to for a while. 9Rain even found himself sat next to a man who walked on the moon once! 

We hope you enjoy this longer episode this week and if you have any other guests you'd like to see on the show let us know.


Check out 9Rain's content below!


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