Why Bioshock Is Still Cinematic

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Why Bioshock Is Still Cinematic

With Netflix announcing their new movie diving deep into the city of Rapture deep below the Atlantic it seems perfect that this week we'd planned to ask the question; Is Bioshock Still Cinematic!

This week the Burrito Bois are breaking down the 2K game BioShock, set miles below the Atlantic Ocean in the city of Rapture. A city led by Andrew Ryan to allow the artist to create, the scientist to modify and everyone to live their dream life. Unfortunately with the advancement of genetic modification people begin to turn into Splicers as their DNA is changed and they become addicted to a substance known as Adam. When Jack arrives in Rapture under strangely suspicious circumstances he must make his way through the city, guided by the mysterious Atlas, to navigate an underwater civil war between Rapture's founder Andrew Ryan and the notorious smuggler Frank Fontaine.

Will BioShock rank and be added to our Alphaburatic Burrito Classics?

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