Dead Space 2 - Terror vs Horror

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Dead Space 2 - Terror vs Horror

Dead Space 2 diverts from Dead Space 1 and how it scares the player.

Dead Space 1, The Xbox 360 game felt more like a ghost train, more quiet areas, focusing more on creeping round corners to suddenly be pounced on by Necromorphs. The first game felt like it had shooting and dismemberment as a survival tool as well as a storytelling mechanic.

Dead Space 2 in comparison though, is more interested in panic. It’s more full on and it drives the player to panic through areas of combat and fear by throwing waves of Necromorphs in their path.

Returning to The Ishimura... must be one of the most horrific experiences we've had in games...

Isaac Clarke awakens aboard The Sprawl; A floating space colony built into the remains of the moon of Titan circling Saturn only to find himself in the midst of a second Necromorph rampage. The entirety of Titan Station is a blood soaked massacre of limbs!

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