Gift To Shift

While everyone experiences change in life, no two people go through the same journey. What is preventing you from stepping into the life you visualize? Is it a busy schedule, a health condition, a lack of confidence, or habits of self-sabotage? Maybe it’s a little of all of them! In the Gift to Shift podcast, I spend every episode exploring a different concept or personal story related to a shift with my guests. Some episodes are deeply personal, helping listeners uncover their own epiphany by listening to someone else’s experiences. Others are more abstract, centered on the theories and notions that we must return to and master if our shift into our personal best is going to be sustainable. But what unites all these episodes is the invitation to explore a new and different perspective, and emerge a little wiser, kinder, or more prepared to tackle the day. Won’t you join us? Jump in wherever the ideas and topics resonate with your needs at this moment. Or, contact me to share your own story and help others by being featured as a podcast guest. Aissa Hillebrand Intuitive Mindset Coach
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