Get Your Life Together, Girl

Hey Girl! Welcome to the Get Your Life Together, Girl Podcast, “THE” Blueprint to Ultimate Self-love and Inner Peace! Quick question: Can you honestly say you have your life together—like, together, together? How about: Do you love yourself? Are you confident, happy, and fulfilled? Most women struggle to answer “HELL YES!” to one or all of these questions! So, if that’s you, you are not alone! Getting your life together is not a one-size-fits-all journey, and self-love is not a one-off thing you are “supposed” to do! Instead, both are “THE” result of healing your past, focusing on growth, releasing the limits you’ve owned, finding your purpose, and putting the life practices in place that best serve where you are now and where you desire to be! And yet, the questions remain: How do you get your life together? How do you love yourself? Hell, how do you create inner peace? It’s much more straightforward than you think! Twice a week Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, renowned Life Coach to women, Mindfulness expert, Master-Level Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Meditation Instructor, HeartMath Practitioner, Sound Healing Therapist, and Emotional Intelligence therapist, Danielle A. Vann guides you through the blueprint, the how, she masterfully created that has changed thousands of women’s lives. Vann combines psychology, mind and spiritual healing, somatic, neuroscience, mindfulness, meditation, purpose work, and the development of emotional intelligence in a no-BS, real talk, unapologetic proven strategy that flips conventional, ineffective talk therapy on its head. Think of this as your total mind, body, and soul makeover! If you are ready to break down the barriers to your inner peace, shine a light on the things that keep you feeling “stuck,” release perceived limits, shake up your relationships, both with yourself and others, find better thoughts and behaviors, relax anxiety and stress, and learn the practices that the most mindful and successful women use daily, girl, this is the place for you! So, let’s go! It’s time to get your life together, girl! For daily inspiration and videos: IG @getyourlifetogethergirl and Join the Get Your Life Together, Girl Women’s Circle for 100s of downloadable, interactive practices at Watch Danielle share her story on the documentary Wide Open Range, RoadTrip Nation:
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