[B]OLDER with Debbie Weil

A podcast with host Debbie Weil about (boldly) making the most of growing older. For Debbie, 71, a Harvard-educated story designer, writer, and editor, the show is also her real-time experience of aging and growing old. Each episode is a frank 30-minute conversation with a best-selling author, expert, or exceptional individual on a topic related to aging. Debbie asks the hard questions about how to use this later stage of life to create, to find meaning, and to make a difference. With her guests she delves into all the current topics related to aging: the unretired life, reinventing work, slowing down, aging better, ageism, senior sex, living your purpose, making new friends, grownup gap years, grand parenting, intergenerational collaboration, effects of the pandemic, grief and widowhood, surviving cancer, and more. As well as other stuff that piques her interest: for example, the craft of writing. Her husband, physician author Sam Harrington, is a popular recurring guest with his dry humor and medical expertise. Debbie and Sam took a grownup gap year at age 61, leaving behind a comfortable life in Washington D.C. They’ve been exploring an "unretired" life ever since on an island off the coast of Maine. More at https://debbieweil.com/podcast MEDIA PARTNERS: Encore.org Modern Elder Academy (formerly) Next For Me
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