End Gerrymandering with Ballot Initiatives: Katie Fahey

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End Gerrymandering with Ballot Initiatives: Katie Fahey

Thursday, June 23rd, 2022


Katie Fahey is the Executive Director of The People, an organization working to find common ground and take action to create a more responsive government of, by, and for the people. In 2016, Katie founded Voters Not Politicians, an organization that successfully organized and passed a ballot initiative to end gerrymandering in Michigan in 2018. We discuss the appetite for non-partisan civic engagement and more accountability from elected representatives.


Voters Not Politicians swelled to 14,000 non-partisan volunteers that gathered 425,000 signatures in support of an independent redistricting commission for Michigan. Most Americans agree that politics should be fair and that our democracy should be strong. Ending gerrymandering is an effort that unites Democrats, Republicans, and Independents towards those goals.


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Host : Mila Atmos 

Guest : Katie Fahey

Executive Producer : Mila Atmos

Producers : Zack Travis and Sara Burningham

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