Google’s big Q1, how to craft a New Deal for the young

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Google’s big Q1, how to craft a New Deal for the young

Google reported record first quarter earnings, and stock market listings around the world are running at their fastest pace this year.  Plus, FT columnist Sarah O’Connor explains why millennials and Gen Z have been hit so hard by the pandemic, and what can be done to help them. 

Google ad boom sends profits to new record

Global IPOs run at fastest pace since 1995

‘We are drowning in insecurity’: young people and life after the pandemic

All over the world, the economic cost of the pandemic has been borne disproportionately by the young. This week the FT is hosting a series of live panel debates in which FT writers make the case for specific policies that would make the economy work better for young people – covering housing, pensions, jobs, education and the environment. Join us and share your own policy ideas, comments and questions to be part of the conversation

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