Free To Be

Free To Be is a movement. A permission slip to simply... be! #freetobe spreads the message of allowing ourselves to be all that we are in every now moment, unapologetically and authentically. We honor one another with presence and celebration. We meet each other where we are at, without shame or judgement, and see one another as the Divine Sovereign Beings that we are, through the eyes of Love. We embody compassion, peace, humility, and joy. How? We fucking feel our feelings in the present moment and allow ourselves to be mooooved by them, not attached to them, and we use this life force juice within us as fuel to create like the Master Creators that we all are. It is vulnerable and it is real. So get to exploring your curiosities, wisdom, play, pleasure, and unique self-expression here. (: Living in this abundant and infinite Universe allows us to get real creative - and we inspire and uplift one another on our respected and unique journeys. As one heals, we all heal. As one cries, we all feel it. We rise together, as One. Thank you for BEing part of the movement, Love. #freetobe
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