Gang Lion Assembly

The Gang Lion Assembly is a podcast collective and home to: Frank Welker Wonder Hour, Macabrecast, Movies As Comics, High Love Lucy & The Good Brothers Podcast. Frank Welker Wonder Hour Your 3 hosts give themselves 1 hour an episode to go over every single entry on IMDb for voice talent legend, Frank Welker. Starting with his very earliest entry up to now. Fun, crass and occasionally irreverent conversation with tangents galore as a few unwitting jackanapes explore IMDb, have some laughs and wonder about Welker. Movies As Comics Two friends get together to walk you through some comics. But not just comics, Movies as Comics. Everyone is talking about comic books becoming movies, but no one is talking much about when movies get adapted to comics. Why? Not as interesting? Are they good? Bad? Do they do justice to their movie source? Are they simply advertising tie-ins, or do they have value beyond the film? Title by title we will find out. We are no experts, just enthusiasts. Let's explore the connections between movies and comics. Movies As Comics. A comic podcast… about movies. The Good Brothers Podcast The Good Brothers are three brothers who are lifelong Game, Movie and TV enthusiasts. They're here to give their opinions and discuss the latest and greatest as well as timely classics. High Love Lucy Welcome to High Love Lucy where two longtime friends get together to do what we’ve always done best; get high and watch T.V. But not just any T.V. …one of the greatest television shows ever made, I Love Lucy. We get ourselves into the proper headspace while we chat about what we brought from our stash before we sit back to watch and review a single episode of the classic sitcom starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz If you’d care to partake as we do, great. You can even take us up on some of our recommendations. If you’d rather not, also great because, regardless, we ALL love Lucy. Retro T.V. Reviews & Contemporary Cannabis Culture.
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