Forth And Ten

Forth And Ten

Do you believe in mermaids?
Do you know people that only have one skill?
How would you defeat a wolf?
Would you drink your lover's bath water? Are you a fan of shooting your shot?
Or if you're ok with listening to some sports talk...

Then, Forth and Ten is the podcast for you. 3 comedians, ten topics, making fun of the biggest sports stories that'll make your life better.

We started the podcast back in 2015, with a little aim of where we were really going. After analyzing sporting events, giving hilarious commentary on absurb sports news and entertaining guests from all over the sports world, we are finally coming into our own. And it's thanks to our listeners. To everyone who has been with us from the beginning, to those who were forced to listen with a friend on a commute to work, or even if you stumbled upon on podcast and laughed a little, THANK YOU.
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