086 - Experiments that changed fire science pt. 4 - Runnehamar tunnel with Haukur Ingason and Anders Lönnermark

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086 - Experiments that changed fire science pt. 4 - Runnehamar tunnel with Haukur Ingason and Anders Lönnermark

Would you rather do 20 published experiments and take your impact factors, or make one that truly changed the world of fire science? Or maybe a different way, would you pursue something that is quick, easy and gives immediate credit over something hard, stressful and requiring maybe years to really change mainstream engineering?

Sure, we all like to see ourselves as heroes, but in reality, very few of us have the courage and vision to pursue these hard-to-achieve goals. But it seems worth it. Today's episode is a statement of that. An experiment designed to investigate a single, most impactful variable. A chain of research, from small, through intermediate, to then full scale, designed with every detail in mind, to truly reveal the physics of a fire in a way we have never seen in a controlled experiment. Finally, a great finish with impactful papers, changing the standards worldwide and the tunnel fire engineering practice for decades to come.

This is what happened in the Runehammar tunnel in Norway. And I am joined today by prof. Haukur Ingason from RISE - the mastermind of this work, and dr Anders Lönnermark, also from RISE, then a PhD student tasked with assisting and processing the findings of the study. The experiments were carried out by SP (now RISE), SINTEF, TNO and industrial partners. In this episode, you will learn their path to these experiments and the environment in which this happened. You will learn how the previous experiences of my guests have been pivotal in understanding the outcomes of the test (truly, fire science is blessed with having just the right people, at the right time at the right place...). We will also try to understand the impact of this research, and dream a bit about 'how would we do this today'. And on top of that, you will learn a ton of technical details of the tests, sprinklered with a bit of tasty fire science.

If you want to learn more about these experiments, the single best piece you can find summarizing it is here .

One of the outcomes of the project is still ongoing - Haukur organized a seminar to disseminate the experimental findings, which eventually turned into the ISTSS conference series. This year, they invite you to the 10th edition of this event at Stavanger in Norway. It is a nice opportunity, as this conference happens just after Fires in Vehicles event, held at the exact same place. Learn more about the event here.

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If you wish to learn about the PhD opportunity at the Fire Safety Engineering Group, please follow here. You can also check the LinkedIn post in which prof. Ed Galea explains the proposition here

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    An investigation on a single, most important variable that was created as an experiment


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