Agile Coach

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Agile Coach

Over the years as sports have become more competitive, sporting teams have realized that one coach for all aspects of the game is not enough. For example in Cricket, teams employ separate coaches for bowling, batting and fielding. In football, teams employ goalkeeping coaches, striking coaches, defensive coaches and more. Similarly, many large organizations today employ multiple Agile coaches with varying and diverse skill-sets, experience and backgrounds so as to derive maximum benefit and ROI.

Adaption of Agile methods can have more than just tangible benefits. The benefits of Agile are not limited to the organization only. As an organization pursues it’s endeavors on the path of Agile journey, it contributes to its ecosystem and to the field of Agile teachings. By playing an instrumental role in an organization’s Agile journey, an Agile coach can have a lasting impact beyond their expected role.
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