Bringing Your Private Practice Online (Priscilla Rodriguez, Modern Wellness Counseling)

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Bringing Your Private Practice Online (Priscilla Rodriguez, Modern Wellness Counseling)

Welcome back to another episode of Everything Is Teachable. Today, we're learning all about what it means to bring your private practice online with marriage and family therapist, Priscilla Rodriguez. In this episode, we sat down with her to discuss the importance of making therapy more accessible online, how she handles discussing more sensitive topics in her online course, how she manages burnout as an online business owner, and more.

Priscilla Rodriguez is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Texas and owns an online boutique private practice called Modern Wellness Counseling. Priscilla’s private practice’s sole mission is to give couples and individuals the tools they need to make their relationships thrive. Priscilla and her team of contract clinicians focus on helping adults reclaim their connections with others, whether that be healing emotional trauma and betrayal, learning how to manage anxiety and stress, or finding ways to love oneself. Priscilla started an online business that shares these skills through an online course format for those who may not have the time to put into counseling sessions or perhaps feel more comfortable learning these skills on their own. Priscilla and her team believe that you are your best asset and taking care of yourself, either through online counseling or online courses, will be your best investment.

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