Building startups in public has an end date

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Building startups in public has an end date

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines.

This is our Wednesday show, where we niche down to a single topic, think about a question and unpack the rest. This week, Natasha asked: How does the "build in public" mindset impact the way that startups are built? Alex and Natasha chatted through the difference between building in public, going direct, startup PR, and just straight-up hype.

We spoke about the challenges in community and recent examples that show the difficulty of building in public (and then clamming up).

The conversation included Launch House,, On Deck, Egnyte, and even Databricks. While we have very biased reasons for more companies to build in public -- we love to learn things! -- we tried to expand the conversation to include more perspectives.

We'll be back on Friday with our regular news roundup, an episode that may include a voice that you'll hear more frequently in the coming months!

Before we go, two programming notes (that help your wallet, too):

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  • laurin

    This podcast and the sub has made the show better


    Albert Einstein said, 'If you can't explain it simply enough, you haven't understood it well enough'.Dr Andrew brings such simplicity to explaining the workings of the brain. It's actually a hacker's guide into our own brain. You are doing great service to humanity Dr Andrew.

    2 months ago·9 likes·
  • Roober54

    Is that a prop 😂


    I very much appreciate the podcast representation 🎉

    2 months ago·1 like·

    “You have thousands of mintues of work.”

    2 months ago·3 likes·
  • Mario

    This is how all podcasts should be


    “You have thousands of mintues of work.”

    2 months ago·2 likes·

    Gold. Jesus Christ. How do you do it?

    2 months ago·10 likes·

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