From Broke to Tech Founder and CEO with Chris Sheng

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From Broke to Tech Founder and CEO with Chris Sheng

Chris Sheng is a 3x founder and growth marketing expert. He has worked with 200+ venture backed Saas companies on go-to-market and growth. Additionally he is a resident growth advisor at Mucker Capital and works closely with other top VC firms and their portfolio companies. He is currently the CEO of LeadrPro, the first software marketplace directly connecting sellers with buyers of software.

Top 3 Value Bombs:

1. Look at failure more as a learning exercise, and that perspective shift unlocks everything. You go at it long enough and you fail nine times, that tenth time, you're going to probably find the one thing that's going to work.

2. You could pretty much build anything with code. The matrix is real. There's creators and there's consumers and you can choose which side of the spectrum you want to be on the matrix.

3. All the founders, every single one of them goes into a room not thinking that they're the smartest person. Ego has to be stripped away. Their eagerness and willingness to learn from others to hire people that are smarter than them, that is that's another key component to it all.

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