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"2021 Money is unhinged... sound money is a moral issue..."

"The central banks are trapped, they've taken us down a monetary Cul-de-sac. They are damned if they do, damned if they don't. Higher interest rates would take us to something like the great depression."

" I can't tell you how much this (btc) reminds me of the internet. We are at the 10%, 'that's obvious' tipping point. Someday someone will say holy sh*t you bought a coin for 60,000... you were in early!"

"I was in 2nd grade when Kennedy was assassinated... the invention of Bitcoin is a true inflection point in history!

"I don't think we can know the right price for anything... we are really in a very chaotic monetary period."

"House prices are up 20%, numbers not achieved pre 2007/8 housing crash. We've flipped the deflationary trend, and there's no going back."

Your host, Thor Holt (founder at ) talk inflation, car and Oil price predictions, Larry's drunken Scottish road trips, suicidal sheep and reindeer genocide.  They share 1970's inflationary lessons, the probability of central bank digital currencies, and discuss how Bitcoin is the realisation of the hippie anti war movement, but with economic rigor built in!  

Avuncular champion of Bitcoin for the broken monetary system, Lawrence (Larry) Lepard shares his investor perspective spanning nearly 50 professional years. He is an experienced Gold stock fund manager, and Investment Manager, at Equity Management Associates, Boston. 

Check out his recent speech in New Orleans, Fix the Money, Fix the World! 

Connect with Larry on Twitter, and please tell him you heard him, on Thor's Energy Leaders podcast @LawrenceLepard 

connect with Thor Holt on LinkedIn here 


Nothing on this podcast is financial advice. However, Please consider tipping the show, because it is a labour of love which takes many hours per show - research, communications with guests, recording, edit, show set up/notes etc. 

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