Ross C. Morton - Stories of a one-room schoolhouse, importance of sharing history, and reflections of time in the RCAF

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Ross C. Morton - Stories of a one-room schoolhouse, importance of sharing history, and reflections of time in the RCAF

Episode #25 - Taking you back through the 20th century thanks to Ross C. Morton, 96yo who resides at The Village of Arbour Trails in Guelph and is accompanied by his daughter, Mavis Morton.  Stories of a one-room school house education, the importance of sharing ones history with family, community and today, on this podcast.

Ross has written 3 books and shares about his first book written in 1997: The Life And Times Of A One-Room School, a history of the Conway Public School, South Fredericksburgh Township, Ontario, 1875-1966 along with the his memories of his boyhood in the 1930's.

"All through my school years, I was never lower in my class than second.  I didn't bother telling them there was never more than 2 in my class all the way through school." - Ross C. Morton

Ross reads about his first day at the one room school in September of 1931.

Ross, at the age of 17, joined the Royal Canadian Air Force, shares about this time of his life and during the second world war.  He reflects on traveling to Ottawa for his assignment and walking into the Chateau Laurier. 

Book #1 - The Life And Times Of A One-Room School (1997) Book #2 - Tales From The Townships (2014) Book #3 - That Reminds Me (2017) Visit to learn more.

Ross' Daughter, Mavis, joins to share her gratitude for the history being shared through these books.   She shares about a message Lloyd says in episode 19, "precious memories get lost in the dust of time if we are not careful." 

"It's so important for Ross to have captured how different his life is and has changed over the years." - Mavis Morton

Writing these books was a way to spark memories, spend time, and engage with his wife, who was living with Alzheimers.  A mutual benefit providing purpose and enjoying time together.

Interesting to think that Ross was only 10 years old when getting electricity and today is participating in this podcast to capture and share his stories.

Here's to the storytellers!

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