Dream Shakerz Weekly Shakedown 08-21-21

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Dream Shakerz Weekly Shakedown 08-21-21

In this episode, we'll be connecting with Marvin Johnson, a serial entrepreneur and the current Founder / CEO of Dashible a platform that is currently oriented around making meaningful connections between consumers and small businesses within densely populated municipalities. During the show, Marvin discussed the benefits his time in the armed forces provided to his career in business, the lessons he learned as an integral member of the founding team of iKobo - which at one point had drawn the interest of Peter Thiel of PayPal as a worthy competitor to the soon to be payments giant, and how Dashible provided a lifeline to small businesses in NYC as they sought to navigate the numerous economic hurdles created by the pandemic.  We close out the episode with The Level-Up where we've provided yet another set of opportunities for BIPOC students interested in tech careers!


Product Marketing Ai Intern @ Nvidia

Internship Location: Santa Clara, CA

Link: https://bit.ly/2WjvN5I

Summer 2022 Program Manager Intern @ Salesforce

Program Locations : San Francisco, CA

Link : https://bit.ly/3sEvzSW

Software Engineering Internship @ Cruise

Internship Location : San Francisco, CA

Link : https://bit.ly/2UHEoyN


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