Cold, Warm and Hot Audiences and how to market to them

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Cold, Warm and Hot Audiences and how to market to them

In this week’s episode I’m talking you through cold, medium and hot audiences on your email list and how to best market to them differently. A cold audience is people who you either haven’t sent content to in a while, or haven’t opened your emails in a while, a few months is usually a good guide, depending on how much interest they showed before. A medium audience is those people who have engaged intermittently over time or just recently, or you have sent to infrequently.  Hot Audiences are your most engaged subscribers. You’re sending emails to them frequently, and they open them and click links more often than not. Listen to the episode to find out more! Action items this week: * Identify how much of your audience is cold by creating a segment of your list * Create a re-engagement sequence * Book in time to work on a final query and unsubscribe sequence * Ask any questions you have in the Facebook Group Join the free Digital Hive Podcast Community on Facebook: Grab your Google Analytics Guide: Find us online:
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