Patton Oswalt says Elon Musk isn't funny! PLUS Trevor Noah walks away from 8 figures

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Patton Oswalt says Elon Musk isn't funny! PLUS Trevor Noah walks away from 8 figures

Comedians discuss where they find their ideas for comedy.

Trevor Noah is reportedly walking way from an 8 figure salary hosting The Daily Show

Rory Scovel gets into acting,

Patton Oswalt defies you to show him something Elon Musk said that was funny.

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  • martin

    So inspiring and motivational ! Great podcast ⭐️


    I find these weekly podcasts to be super inspirational, they seem to always motivate me to look at my purpose. Matt not only brings in his personal life experiences but he delivers them in such a way that they are relatable.

    4 months ago·9 likes·

    The part where he mentions that he wants to be adopted by a more functional family even at 45 yrs really hits home. Really delineates how no matter how old and independent you are, you still need love and support.

    4 months ago·1 like·

    10:30 --> 20:00 amazing bit

    4 months ago·4 likes·
  • Josh

    Great episode loved the thing but the intro was a little long


    Very thought out! Can't wait to try it out.

    4 months ago·3 likes·

    the intro is way to long but good episode still skip till 5:30

    4 months ago·9 likes·

    Insightful and timely. Heartfelt words of personal and intuitive wisdom. Matt speaks directly from his heart about life wisdom’s coming from experience and deep thought. I love it. Victoria Mcknight

    4 months ago·7 likes·
  • Moriss

    10:30 til around 20:00 is a great part


    So inspiring and motivational ! Great podcast ⭐️

    4 months ago·5 likes·

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