Season 5, Episode 18: So Many Tentacles + Book-Adjacent Gift Ideas

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Season 5, Episode 18: So Many Tentacles + Book-Adjacent Gift Ideas

On this week’s episode of Currently Reading, Kaytee and Meredith are discussing:

  • Bookish Moments : pet conspiracy against Meredith + airport friendships

  • Current Reads : A whole slew of books that might be hard to listen to us talk about for various reasons

  • Deep Dive : the goodies to buy for the bookworm that doesn’t need books

  • The Fountain : we visit our perfect fountain to make wishes about our reading lives

As per usual, time-stamped show notes are below with references to every book and resource we mentioned in this episode. If you’d like to listen first and not spoil the surprise, don’t scroll down! 

We are now including transcripts of the episode (this link only works on the main site). The goal here is to increase accessibility for our fans!

*Please note that all book titles linked below are Bookshop affiliate links. Your cost is the same, but a small portion of your purchase will come back to us to help offset the costs of the show. If you’d prefer to shop on Amazon, you can still do so here through our main storefront. Anything you buy there (even your laundry detergent, if you recently got obsessed with switching up your laundry game) kicks a small amount back to us. Thanks for your support!*  





1:25 - Bookish Moment of the Week

3:12 - HH Holmes Murder Castle Puzzle

8:13 - An Immense World by Ed Yong 

10:13 - Current Reads

10:28 - Glass Houses by Louise Penny (Meredith)

11:10 - A World of Curiosities by Louise Penny

16:53 - Still Life by Louise Penny 

18:45 - The Measure by Nikki Erlick (Kaytee)

21:30 - Sarah’s Bookshelves Live Episode 123 w/ Nikki Erlick

23:03 - The Duke Alone by Christi Caldwell (Meredith)

29:22 - The Kraken’s Sacrifice by Katee Robert (Kaytee)

29:52 - The Dragon’s Bride by Katee Robert

29:54 - CR Season 5: Episode 3


35:27 - The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Potzsch (Meredith)

37:28 - Fabled Bookshop

42:56 - Picking Cotton by Jennifer Thompson-Cannino and Ronald Cotton (Kaytee)


45:01 - Know My Name by Chanel Miller 

45:03 - Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson 

46:37 - Bookish Gifts We Want to Give and Receive

48:19 - Mug Warmer

49:09 - Book Darts

49:40 - Pilot FriXion Pens

49:55 - Pilot FriXion Highlighters

50:52 - Sharpie Pen

51:43 -

51:53 - Scribd

51:44 -

52:10 - Thriftbooks

52:35 - Fabled Story Bound Subscription

53:29 - Currently Reading Patreon

53:37 - Fabled Bookshop

54:24 - Currently Reading Tote

54:51 - Currently Reading Zazzle store

55:17 - Lego Bookstore

55:59 - Galison Puzzles

56:01 - White Mountain Puzzles 

56:27 - Barefoot Dreams throw blanket

56:54 - Meet Us At The Fountain

I wish, if you are looking for cozy holiday reading, that you read the Aunt Dimity series by Nancy Atherton. (Meredith)

57:32 - Aunt Dimity’s Death by Nancy Atherton (#1 in series)

I wish that book festivals and author events get as much hype as Taylor Swift tickets. (Kaytee)

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