Crypto for Newborns - Episode 37: Crypto Religion

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Crypto for Newborns - Episode 37: Crypto Religion

If I started talking about something that is faith-based where the writings are considered sacred texts and there are true believers, holidays and even diets surrounding it, you’d probably think I was talking about religion—or cryptocurrencies! In episode 37 of the Crypto for Newborns podcast, we’ll go beyond the heaven and hell of crypto investing and into the higher realms of decentralized deification... Resources: Article: (There’s Now a Religion Based On the Blockchain. Yes. Really.) Article: (Blockchain Prophet Or Snake-Oil Salesman? Embattled Founder Launches First Ethereum Religion) (Flying Spaghetti Monster – Wikipedia) Article: (What Does The Bible Say About Cryptocurrency And Bitcoin?) Article: (To Understand Bitcoin, Just Think of It as a Faith-Based Asset) (Crypto-Christianity – Wikipedia) If you would like to donate a bit of cryptocurrency to the Crypto for Newborns podcast, feel free to send as much as you’d like – far be it from me to inhibit your generosity! I’m accepting Ethereum right now but if you’re compelled to send me some other kind, email me at your earliest convenience! $ETH 0x0789f67C8F889f58130959F4E1F5E9C8F99d49F1 Thanks for tuning in!
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