The Altcoin Rotation Is Starting Soon | How You Should Prepare

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The Altcoin Rotation Is Starting Soon | How You Should Prepare

Bitcoin exploded over the last week to around $28,000 but altcoins have yet to experience any MAJOR upside, could this be the ultimate signal to get into altcoins or is this the biggest Bull trap ever. Join Miles Deutscher live on this episode of Crypto Banter to find out how you should prepare for the next potential alt season!


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00:00:00 Show Summary & Crypto News Update
00:04:50 Last Week's Altcoin Trades & BTC TA
00:14:50 Trading Ethereum & FED Balance Sheet
00:19:20 Bitcoin Price vs US Stock Markets
00:29:20 Altcoin Season - When to Buy Altcoins
00:36:30 XRP, BTC, FTM, FIL, OP & DeFi Llama News
00:56:25 Bitcoin Price 1 Million Dollars in 90 Days
01:09:00 Hyperinflation - Bitcoin Digital Gold
01:19:30 Asymmetric Returns Explained
01:29:15 Gains Network - Decentralized Trading
01:39:20 Altcoin Season - Dollar Cost Average
01:44:15 Gaming Altcoins - PYR, MAGIC, GALA
01:53:50 Solidly, Fantom, Satin & CASH Airdrop
02:10:45 Miles' Crypto Portfolio & Altcoins Q&A
02:24:08 Trading the Arbitrum Airdrop & AGIX
02:29:30 KASPA, VOXEL, AZERO, AVAX & DXY vs Stocks
02:38:40 DXP, FUSE, VRA, CAML & KNC
02:44:20 Latest Crypto News Today and Altcoin Q&A

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