Creative Cravings

Oh, cravings... we all get them! That delicious burrata pasta dish you ate last year in Italy, the dessert Grandma could whip up without a written recipe, the fresh squeezed juice concoction you invented that tastes like paradise, the lobster roll from that food truck you saw a well-known chef devour on Insta Stories... On this podcast, Chicago-based twin sisters, Lauren Feingold and Sari Feingold, encourage you to follow not only your food cravings, but also your craving to create. After all, you can't spell create without e.a.t! In our episodes, we bring you deep conversations with inspiring, food-loving, entrepreneurial guests who all share a craving to create across a variety of disciplines. Every Monday, we - and our guests - share our stories, insights, and lessons about what can happen when you do not ignore your cravings to create recipes, passion projects, businesses, or a lifestyle that aligns with who you are. Our guests also dish out their highest quality ingredients for living life to the fullest, so you can use ‘em in your own life! If you are an ambitious, food-loving, creative soul seeking some direction on how to live a more fulfilling life, this is your show. While working hard is a big part of life, there is so much more that fills you up. That's why we make sure to ask our guests about ALL of their cravings, so you have recommendations to add to - and cross off of - your food, travel, and creativity bucket lists! What are you waiting for? Let's dig in to the show. Visit for more ways to connect with us and other listeners!
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