Confidence That Converts Podcast

The Confidence that Converts™ Podcast is hosted by Candace Sheppard: The entrepreneur, educator, and expert trainer obsessed with elevating your visibility through the brilliant bond between your image, brand, and business. Her goal is not to give you information but take you through transformation by developing your skills in communication, sales, influence, and leadership. The show is for visionary entrepreneurs and leaders deep in the work of developing themselves and their businesses as they grow beyond the "next level". Its content is geared toward all those navigating through the process of self-awareness & self-mastery to build an image and identity that displays true confidence, inside & out of business. The episodes are a mix of topics covering business advice, relationship insights, wellness & well-being, lifestyle shifts, and more. All cultivated and created to help you become the self-actualized leader you've always been, one who operates without limits online, offline, and on camera. Enjoy!
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