Clicks 2 Bricks

Clicks 2 Bricks is the podcast about multi-location marketing. Our mission is to inform and entertain multi-location marketers through interviews with CMOs, senior executives, and subject matter experts. Clicks 2 Bricks exists at this intersection of brand and performance marketing. We believe that brand is the only way to truly connect with consumers and to build meaningful relationships that pay dividends over years and even decades. The business results are not directly measurable, but no business can survive today without building a strong brand. Equally important for CMOs, though, is the ability to drive quantifiable ROI. For multi-location businesses, this equates to foot traffic and ringing the cash register. Our goal is to build a community of multi-location marketers that share knowledge and experience in this ever-changing marketing environment. As the craft of marketing evolves and becomes more specialized, Clicks 2 Bricks will be a resource for inspiration, education, and career advancement. The next generation of multi-unit retail CMOs starts here.
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