The vision for the CMM Missions Podcast or “Missions-Cast”, is to share the latest as the Lord speaks from our CMM leaders and guest speakers who share with prophetic insight for today.
1. Often, we post short (2-3 minutes),as seeds in a pod, encouraging words to build your faith, hope, and joy! 
2. At times we share miracle testimonies of what we are blessed to experience firsthand as we boast in the Lord. 
3. We feature interviews with guests with our friends including CMM missionaries who are in the field and alumni/students of our CMM College of Theology who are impacting the nations with the Kingdom of our God. 
CMM reaches across many streams, denominations, and doctrines to bring the clear Word and Spirit with the simplicity and power of our Lord. (John 17)

When CMM Missionaries are interviewed we will include in each podcast is a detailed testimony of not just “what has God been doing through your ministry”, but also the testimony of the unique way in which God called them to the mission field. The reason for this is so that people who listen and who are called to missions but haven’t responded or don’t even realize it yet can better recognize their own calling. 

Also important to the content of the podcast is highlighting the ways God has moved prophetically and even through miracles in the lives and ministries of those interviewed. Not only will this build the faith of those listening to have the same experiences in their own walk with Jesus, but perhaps even someone who currently is a “cessationist” will hear the testimonies and perhaps be open to the truth that God is the same as yesterday, today and forever and that includes speaking prophetically and working miracles through His people. 

Another aspect to be highlighted is the subject of spiritual warfare. Many Christians in the Western Church have become insulated and perhaps even blinded to the reality of spiritual warfare. By sharing the testimonies of challenges and victories experienced by the interviewed missionaries, it will hopefully “remove the scales” off the eyes of many to this hidden yet important aspect of our walk and time here on the Earth before the Lord returns. 

Another purpose is to raise general awareness of the work still going in missions today. As life is returning to “normal” post-pandemic, it is a good reminder that the work of reaching, converting, and discipling the lost is a work that is ongoing, despite any and all circumstances whether personal or those events which impact the entire world. Stories of how missionaries have coped and even thrived during the pandemic can bring hope to those who have been greatly affected by the pandemic.

Finally, but certainly not least, it is hoped that the podcast will recognize the work that God has been doing through faithful servants. While the focus should always be on what God has accomplished, it is certainly good and right to “recognize those that labor among you” and it is hoped that by giving such recognition it will bring those interviewed refreshing and perhaps even bring additional support and/or bring about divine connections that otherwise would not have happened. 

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