The Dragon's Den - Cycle Two

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The Dragon's Den - Cycle Two

With the end of Series VIII, the Second Cycle of Chimaeracast has come to an end, and to celebrate our latest rotation around our gaming table, we present again our fireside chat - The Dragon’s Den!

Life’s a lot different since the last Den: JD and Ryan have flown the coop, and then everything that happened in 2020 happened, so we’re happy to have you all to listen to us. We love and appreciate you. The episode’s a mammoth, so I’ll say this here, too — if you want to hang out with us on Discord, just leave us a review on your platform of choice and shoot us an e-mail, we’d love to hang out with you. We’ll be watching movies and wrestling, playing video games, or just bullshitting.

Just because the Den is out doesn’t mean you can’t ask us questions, either! Feel free to leave comments on the site here, or on Twitter, or even use the above link to e-mail us.

A couple additional fun links from the episode:

JD mentions a Conan story “The Tower of the Elephant” which is found in an issue of Weird Tales from March 1933, you can find an archived version of the issue here.

The intro/outro music (ie, not the weird noise Zach made with his mouth) is “The World’s Sorrow” from the SNES game Dragon View composed by M. Takenaka, N. Komatsu, T. Sekido, and the Mercado Inc Staff and you can find that here.

Finally, the quote JD used at the end is from Sorcerer by Ron Edwards of Adept Play, and you can check out it and other games at the Adept Un-Store here.

Next week is the beginnig of the next cycle, starting with JD, so check that out!


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