“Smart Lamps” Are the Latest Educational Fad

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“Smart Lamps” Are the Latest Educational Fad

Today is Wednesday, June 9, and we’re looking at Byte Dance vs. Tencent.

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  • Jane

    @Klaas 😱I agree - why would anyone want this?!? The concept of Smart Lamps as described here sets off every child protection alarm for me! It also sounds so unhealthy for the child's development at every level - it's so awful I don't know where to start!!!

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    A good friend is a teacher and I asked her once; How do you make sure the students aren't doing something else on their laptops? She said she doesn't, it's their responsibility. If they don't pay attention they fail the class. I loved that. It teaches responsibility.

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  • Klaas

    Holy shit, privacy aside. How is recording your kid a good idea 😂


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