Biblical Phronesis Podcast

Biblical phronesis (BP) is an educational show that teaches practical wisdom to abide in the faith. The scripted non-fiction podcast targets membership retention in the Christian fold, especially among professionals. The podcast offers practical wisdom for Christians in various leadership roles. With authentic and transformational leadership as a golden thread, the episodes in multiple seasons will build better character, credibility, competence, commitment, and courage in conjunction with integrity, trust, reputation, positive attitude, self-discipline, and servanthood, to mention a few. The podcast provides a platform where professionals can access contemporary ideas, concepts, principles, and values essential to serving God and humanity through a review of best-selling leadership books and practical application of biblical wisdom. The podcast aims to engender how Christian leaders that make heaven their goal will remain earthly relevant in all spheres of influence. Host: Fidelis Emuze, a University Professor in Built Environment, is a Lead Like Jesus enthusiast. He is an Alumnus of the Redeemers International Leadership Academy (RILA) and an ordained minister in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He currently serves at the Restoration House Parish in Bloemfontein, South Africa.
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