Badass Babe Oracle

How do I learn to release fear, overcome self doubt and stop people pleasing to create my own definition of happiness, success, wealth, abundance and freedom? Are you ready to let go of the shit that’s holding you back, live life in your fullest expression and come back home to yourself? Welcome to the Badass Babe Oracle Podcast where we share the NLP tools, spiritual rituals, and mindset shifts to reframe your mindset to one of unstoppable success and elevate your personal power, with confidence and conviction. Each week, host Kelly Pender brings you her fiery soul-aligned messages, confidence building techniques, manifestation practices and money mindset reframes, to allow you to reclaim your power + live life unapologetically as your 100% authentic self. Together, let’s uncover your inner RADIANCE! You ARE CAPABLE, babe. Everything you desire IS possible for you! Are you in? Hit play to dive in!
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