The rise of the Independent voter

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The rise of the Independent voter

Almost a week after the election, a clearer picture of the 2022 midterm elections has emerged. We now now that Democrats not only have retained control of the Senate, but might pick up another seat. We’re still waiting on the House, but we’ve got a lot more information on historic Democrat wins in state and local races, including with state legislatures and governors' races. But - it's not a blue wave - more one of swing voters. Plus, what recent layoffs mean for Big Tech. And, "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" smashes a box office record. Guests: Axios' Margaret Talev and Ina Fried. Credits: Axios Today is produced by Niala Boodhoo, Sara Kehaulani Goo, Alexandra Botti, Fonda Mwangi and Alex Sugiura. Music is composed by Evan Viola. You can reach us at You can text questions, comments and story ideas to Niala as a text or voice memo to 202-918-4893. Go Deeper: Democrats will keep control of the Senate Elon Musk culls Twitter contractors after mass employee layoffs What to expect when your tech firm is downsizing Marvel Cinematic Universe diversity
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  • Ashleycoffin

    Although a concise news update is appreciated, the show may benefit from being expanded in order to delve more thoroughly into relevant topics


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