Facebook 'Unfriends' Australian News

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Facebook 'Unfriends' Australian News

When Facebook removed news from it’s pages on 18 February 2021, the company was taking a strong stance against the proposed news media bargaining code. In this podcast we talk to Associate Professor Daniel Angus, Dr James Meese, and Dr Belinda Barnet about the ACCC news media bargaining code, the relationship between news and online platforms Google and Facebook and what we learnt from the news ban. 

  • [02:16] The Facebook News Ban (Dan Angus)
  • [12:18] The ACCC News Media Bargaining Code (James Meese)
  • [16:03] Are News Outlets and Facebook Codependant?
  • [22:44] Legislation Changes That Ended the News Ban (Belinda Barnet)

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Daniel Angus @antmandan | James Meese @meese_james | Belinda Barnet @manjusrii

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