Athena Wellness Podcast - Reclaiming Our Warrior Spirit

Take a seat around the community fire and listen to stories that inspire with host Kathy Robinson, author of The Athena Principles, Simple Wellness Practices for Overworked Professionals.

Reclaim your Warrior Spirit, rekindle your passion and explore your mind, body and spirit in a safe, uplifting space.

Once a successful corporate executive, Kathy followed her own passion and built a business including wellness and business coaching, women’s writing and meditation circles, speaking, blogging and podcasting. A passionate wellness enthusiast, Kathy shares how her biggest transformations have been born out of the still point – the quiet, soulful place that houses our essence and inner wisdom.

Join the Athena Wellness Tribe – a kind, energetic group who believe their best years are ahead. The podcast format is a mix of solo shows, interviews and engagement with listeners like you sharing stories of self-compassion and personal and professional transformation.

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