The Gifts of Voice, Holding Space, & Stage Fright - Uria Tsur

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The Gifts of Voice, Holding Space, & Stage Fright - Uria Tsur

All Our Pieces  |  Episode 10|  The Gifts of Voice, Holding Space, & Stage Fright

This week we share a conversation that brought both of us to tears while recording, for the beauty and truth within resonates so very deep. We speak with Uria Tsur about the gifts that are our voices, our ability to hold space, and even the hidden gift and necessity of stage fright. Uria reminds us of our connectedness, our inclination towards intimacy, and how our voices are unique and direct windows into our souls. He speaks on what it means to have faith in this life process and of dancing in the fields of tension. This episode is pure poetry for the soul. It is a delight to invite you to join us in this heart-warming and life-sparking conversation.

Uria Tsur was born and raised in Israel and once out of the IDF at the age of 21, has been traveling the world in search of an authentic form of life. At the age of 29, Uria turned to music as his main instrument and has been developing heartfelt social technologies which are designed to bridge the gap between people while empowering the unique qualities of each individual.

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