It's a fine line between bold and bald

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It's a fine line between bold and bald


We're officially T-1 week until our holiday gifting extravaganza begins! Feeling anxious about the end of the year, and the holidays, and selling your house? Great. Us too. Let us joint complain together before jumping into todays episode.

We know we vowed we probably wouldn't talk about Jeffree Star again on this podcast, but we couldn't not discuss the fact that this week Jeffree Star announced that he has purchased a Yak Ranch - Star Yak Ranch instead. Wow. Lots to think and feel on this. Katie Jane Hughes has released a brush drying towel to match her recently launched brush set, Harry Styles surprised us with a very sudden launch of his beauty brand, Pleasing. AND in the biggest piece of beauty news of the year? Paris Hilton got married and Lisa is obsessed. Sam Ravandahl has announced the Auric Holiday line up which is two new shades of their Smoke Reflects. For our final piece of beauty news, we discuss how jewellery and beauty have become synonymous as beauty influencer Fleur De Force has launched her jewellery line - Raven James.

To finish of this weeks episode we're chatting some double beauty faves, non beauty faves, snacks and then an in depth discussion about the FS8 classes that Lisa and Alex attended together this week - so stick around for pilates chat if you're interested!!


  • Jeffree Star's Yak Ranch:
  • Katie Jane Hughes Brush Drying Towel:
  • Harry Styles - Pleasing:
  • Paris Hiltons wedding:
  • Auric Holiday Collection:
  • Raven James:
  • Rimmel Wondercloud:
  • Vieve Shadow Sticks:
  • Fancy Face Cleanser:

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