Physical Abuse Explained: The Sins Of My Father From A Personal Perspective (Full Story)

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Physical Abuse Explained: The Sins Of My Father From A Personal Perspective (Full Story)

The Sins of My Father with Samuel

The sins of the fathers are not just mistakes that the parents make. They are also the life experiences and actions that parents take which may harm their children. 

When a child is born, their potential is infinite. All they need to do is grow, learn and develop. But what happens when their parents are not as great as they should be? If a parent's sin affects their child's sense of self, then it will affect them in all areas of life, from relationships to career choices. 

Listen to my story!

Notable Quotes

●      It is okay to let your feelings out. 

●      There is power in ownership and being authentic. 

●      Don’t kill yourself trying to be perfect. Except for Jesus, no one has ever been perfect.

●      As we age, more problems will come

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