Ep. 9 Turning Your Dream Job Into A Thriving Business w/ Christina Flach - CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup

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Ep. 9 Turning Your Dream Job Into A Thriving Business w/ Christina Flach - CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup

In this episode I talk to Christina Flach, a professional makeup artist that has worked with huge names like Journey, Metallica, Condoleezza Rice, Bobby Flay and many more. She is also the CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup, a makeup company that she started back in 1999 and has been successfully growing since then.

She had been doing makeup professionally for five years when she finally got tired of her lip gloss coming off whenever she ate or drank anything. She decided she would fix this problem and that was the beginning of Pretty Girl Makeup. She found a problem and fixed it!

Christina also has a deeper mission in life, which is to raise awareness for sepsis and make people more aware of the signs and symptoms. If you go to the doctor in time, they can do a blood test, put you on an IV of antibiotics and you'll survive. To find out what the warning signs are for sepsis listen to this episode!

Christina has always been a hard worker and she says that the reason that she succeeds when others fail, is that she always goes the extra mile, in everything she does". When she was climbing her way up in the professional makeup artist game, she would work long hours and do anything for her clients to make them happy. Her work was also top notch, but there are a lot of good makeup artists. Her extra mile approach put her above the rest, when it came dow to who to hire.

Although Christina works hard, she also gives herself some time to relax or exercise everyday. A balance in her life is super important to her and she urges all entrepreneurs to not set unrealistic goals for yourself. Love yourself and don't be too hard on yourself! Your happiness is the most important thing, so do what makes you happy!

If you want to contact Christina Flach or check out Pretty Girl Makeup you can reach her at the links below:
Pretty Girl Makeup: https://www.prettygirlmakeup.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christinaflachmakeup/

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