Ep. 8 Purchasing And Running A Franchise During COVID-19 Times w/ (My Sister) Tori Cozart

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Ep. 8 Purchasing And Running A Franchise During COVID-19 Times w/ (My Sister) Tori Cozart

Today I interview Tori Cozart, who is also my sister, and a business owner in Chattanooga, TN. Tori has had multiple jobs at good companies including being the marketing manager at the Birmingham, AL Mercedes Dealership and she has a degree in Economics with a minor in business administration. So, Tori definitely has a good business mind.

We start off talking about how she decided to move from a secure job to purchasing an AR Workshop franchise during the prime of the COVID-19 outbreak. She has always pictured herself running a business, she just wasn't sure what it would be until one day an opportunity hit her. Her mom sent her an email about an AR Workshop that was for sale and jokingly said that maybe that could be her side hustle. Tori had visited an AR Workshop before and started to research it as a legitimate opportunity.

Tori has put together an amazing team behind her to make her life easier (not any less stressful), but as a great support system to help her make good decisions. We talk about her struggles in the first couple months of ownership and how she has dealt with all of the problems they've faced. We also discuss how Tori has managed to earn 92% of the income that the prior owners made, while dealing with a global pandemic!

Tori has some big plans for growing the business even more and blowing the past sales numbers out of the water. She also breaks down her future goals a little bit, which you can find out about in the episode!

If you want to check out Tori and AR Workshop Franklin go to the links below:
Tori's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tcozyknits/
AR Workshop: https://www.arworkshop.com/franklin/

Learn more about the podcast at the links below:
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