Ep. 5 Jeff Lopes - Starting A Global Brand, Building A Real Estate Portfolio And Focusing On Your Higher Calling

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Ep. 5 Jeff Lopes - Starting A Global Brand, Building A Real Estate Portfolio And Focusing On Your Higher Calling

In this episode, I interview Jeff Lopes, an entrepreneur that has started numerous companies including his first when he was 17 years old.  After 2 profitable business ventures before his 21st birthday Jeff started Kimurawear, a martial arts and boxing equipment company.

Jeff started Kimurawear out of his garage and was initially an apparel brand that sponsored 26 UFC athletes. After the mixed martial arts boom around the world there were multiple large brands that move into the space and could afford to pay the athletes more. So, Jeff pivoted and started manufacturing martial arts and boxing equipment at premium prices. But, once again Jeff noticed another need and pivoted to making affordable entry level fighting equipment as well as the premium line. Jeff still runs Kimurawear and has grown it to a multi-million dollar brand that has sold over a quarter million pairs of boxing gloves. Jeff breaks down the story of how he started and grew this incredible brand from his garage to over 1800 gyms in this episode.


Mr. Lopes is also a family man and when his son was born he realized that he needed more passive income in his life. Kimurawear was great money, but he had to work long hours away from his family. So, he started researching and decided on getting into vacation rental properties. He started True Blue Homes and bought a condo in northern Canada that he renovated and rented out. He saved his earnings has rolled them into many more vacation rentals in the same area. Jeff has a clear vision for his real estate holdings and is in the process of opening up a full multiple cabin resort in the same area as his current properties.  He explains his motivations behind investing in real estate and why he recommends people get into it in this episode.

Jeff was incredibly productive when COVID-19 hit last year and we go into all he got done in this episode. But, one big thing he did was start a podcast called: 'Jeff Knows Inc. Show'. Over the last 10 months he has had some huge guests on and has nearly 500,000 downloads. You can check out his show at the link below.

Jeff Knows Inc Show Link

The one thing that Jeff holds above his businesses is his family. He is a devout father that shows his commitment through his actions. When he is making his schedule he first blocks off his time for his family and then he can plug in all of his other engagements. He also has a 3-7 rule where as soon as the clock strikes 3, he is done working and he heads home to spend time with the family. Jeff also makes sure that if either of his kids are afraid of anything, the whole family goes out and does that thing to get over the fear. His commitment to being a great husband and father is extremely admirable and he dives into how he accomplishes this in this episode.

Jeff's higher purpose is being a dad entrepreneur and coaching other dad entrepreneur's in how to be an effective businessman, while also giving 100% to your family. He has a coaching program releasing soon called "Man's Purpose" and you can learn more at the link below.


If you want to learn more about Jeff Lopes the links to Jeff's social media and personal website are below.

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