Ep. 3 Dr. Bruce Bright Sr - Why You Should Take The "Risk" To Become An Entrepreneur

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Ep. 3 Dr. Bruce Bright Sr - Why You Should Take The "Risk" To Become An Entrepreneur

In this episode I interview Dr. Bruce Bright Sr, a former Marine Corps fighter pilot, a Phd in Organizational Psychology, the owner of both On Target Leading and On Target Wellness and my father. Dr. Bright spent 28 years in the military after joining at the age of 17 a week before his high school graduation. After he retired, he quickly realized the key to ultimate freedom was through entrepreneurship and he talks about why this path is the best way to live your life.

Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone, but Dr. Bright breaks down the road blocks that some people have about starting a business and why they should take the leap. It all comes down to risk vs reward and in almost every case the reward far out weighs the risk.

Dr. Bright founded On Target Leading, an executive coaching firm, in 2009 and has grown the business tremendously over the past 11 years. He goes into companies that are struggling with communicating and with the chain of command and he assess each individual employee. The only way to change an organization is to change the individuals in the organization. After they all get assessed he develops a plan for the company to put together systems to communicate and run more efficiently.

His other company, On Target Wellness, got created when he saw a need with all of his coaching clients to lose weight and live a healthier life. Dr. Bright noticed that a high percentage of the clients he worked with were not only unhappy at work. but were unhappy with themselves and how they were living. So, he developed a wellness program that is more than just a diet or exercise program. The program is $1000 and you get it for life. They guarantee your results and they help you along every step of the way.

To get in touch with Dr. Bruce Bright you can go to the links below to contact him on social media or on either of his companies websites.

On Target Leading: https://ontargetleading.com/
On Target Wellness
Dr. Bruce Bright Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bruce.bright.965

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