Ep. 2 How My Business Went From $0 to $15k and How I'm Getting to $100,000

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Ep. 2 How My Business Went From $0 to $15k and How I'm Getting to $100,000

I started my business around August of 2020 with the money I had saved up from working at Dominos Pizza all summer. I was detailing my own car and realized that I had most of the supplies needed to do the service in my basement already. I went to Fedex and ordered 100 flyers and passed them out around my neighborhood. I secured my first 5-6 clients like that and we've been growing ever since.

In the prime of the summer and fall, I was doing 3-5 cars per day and even got up to 6 cars in one day once, which I'll never do again. Once school started, I hired one of my teammates to do the details while I focused on the operations side of the business. I paid him per car and keeps all the tips. He ended up making around $2k in just a couple months of working for me.

It's now December and it's a little colder and not typical 'car detailing weather'. We're in Alabama, so it doesn't really get that cold but people aren't really looking for the service during these months. I have some big plans for growth as we get into the spring of 2021 though.

The first thing is buying a truck or van to haul around a water tank and generator. This will allow us to go to places that don't have water spickets and power outlets readily available, like office buildings. We only 4 people out of the entire office building to sign up for a detail in order to fill all of the spots. If there's more than 4 then we can come multiple days. It then is just up to me to travel to office buildings and put together a little schedule where we come on specific days and hopefully repeat monthly.

The other place where Bright Mobile Detailing is going to double down is in our marketing channels. The 3 main ones are going to be Facebook ads, social media presence and direct mail advertising. I plan on putting a couple thousand dollars into Facebook ads to test at first and then double down on whatever works. We will also be sending out 2000-4000 direct mail flyers per month throughout the spring and summer. Social media is free, so we will use our Facebook page and Instagram Profile to expand our brand identity.

The goal for March-July is to hit $45,000 in sales, which I think is a really reasonable goal for the business. That's around 4 details per day total, so 2 employees doing at least 2 a day.

In the next episode I will be interviewing Bruce Bright Sr, a 28 year Marine Corps veteran and entrepreneur. We'll be discussing both of his companies, On Target Leading and On Target Wellness.

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