Addict II Athlete's podcast

The Addict II Athlete podcast is hosted by Coach Blu Robinson, a licensed clinical mental health counselor and substance abuse counselor who has worked in the field since 2001. He is a fantastic public speaker, coach, and therapist who works with many individuals, youth, couples, and families addressing issues like addiction, trauma, communication, parenting, and more. Blu hopes to provide listeners with the skills and game plans for anyone to turn their mess into their message of hope and a bright future. The AIIA podcast is here to inspire anyone. We share recovery stories, education, life tips, address teen and parenting issues, and more. Our topics address all walks of life but also addiction recovery with tips and fundamentals for those seeking recovery as well as the family and friends of someone who is. Addict II Athlete removes the negative stigma of addiction and mental health and creates a foundation of potential and support. Addict to Athlete is a nonprofit team of peers, friends, and family who have a desire to create a new way of life. By knowing an addict, having been affected by addiction, or being in recovery yourselves, Team Addict II Athlete is here to help. We have come together to help one another with the outcome from all angles of addiction using our Erase and Replace Philosophy. Erase negative behaviors by replacing the void left behind with health, service, support system, and recreation. We are here to carry the message of recovery and change the outlook of addiction. Our goal is to spread the message of recovery to the addict and family of the addict who still struggles with addiction and to show that we have discovered a more excellent way to live. Moving from Addict to Athlete, dismisses the old way of thinking that recovery must remain anonymous as you become an Agent of Sobriety and a Champion of recovery. Help us continue to create podcasts and YouTube videos by becoming a Patreon Supporter
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