Selling a Business for 5x a Year After Buying It

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Selling a Business for 5x a Year After Buying It

Sumana Sanjeeva got into ecommerce by chance. 3 years later, she's acquired 4 ecom businesses & sold one for over $5m. 

Topics from Sumana's interview:

  • Brick & mortar vs ecommerce businesses
  • Best type of ecommerce to buy for a first-timer
  • Buying an ecommerce business knowing very little about it
  • Learning quickly how to sell on Amazon
  • Finding an ecommerce business on BizBuySell
  • Terms of her deal
  • One decision that made the business thrive during COVID
  • Selling to aggregators
  • Talking to 14 of them
  • Terms of her sale
  • Cash flow issues with a growing ecommerce business
  • Her 3 new ecommerce acquisitions
  • Focusing exclusively on FBA
  • Running in-person learning center franchises

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  • Saylormiriam

    It's great and puts things in perspective, showing you that your problems aren't the end of the world and aren't impossible to solve


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