Key Moments from 3 Entrepreneurs Who Bought Businesses

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Key Moments from 3 Entrepreneurs Who Bought Businesses

Multiple perspectives today as Chelsea Wood of the Acquisition Lab moderates a panel with 3 women who bought businesses. 

Topics from the panel:

  • Cassie Niekamp bought the first company she looked at: a 40-year old fencing company
  • How she dealt with a $200k valuation gap
  • What went well with the transition and what didn’t go well
  • Anne Ristic left a 30-year career in law to buy a business
  • How her collaborative leadership style has served her
  • Why it’s okay if you don’t have all the skills you need
  • Morli Desai purchased an e-commerce skincare business
  • Her difficulty getting sellers to talk to her
  • How joining Acquisition Lab made all the difference in her search
  • Advice from all the guests about successful acquisition

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  • Yongvelasquez

    Although I listen to a lot of various podcasts on starting businesses, this is the first one I've heard that is specifically geared for entrepreneurs


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