How to Acquire & Grow an FBA Business

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How to Acquire & Grow an FBA Business

Alex Michael bought a wallet brand doing $650k on Amazon. Alex delves into how FBA works & what the growth levers are. 

Themes from Alex's interview:

  • Why ecommerce?
  • Difficulty competing to buy an ecommerce business
  • Process of a ecommerce acquisition with a Quiet Light listing
  • Anatomy of the first call with a seller
  • How to be a good buyer
  • What to say to a seller in a competitive environment
  • Diligencing an ecommerce business
  • Cost breakdown of an FBA business
  • Supply chain risk in ecommerce
  • Promoting an FBA business on Amazon
  • Amazon's PPC flywheel
  • ACoS and TACoS
  • Daily ad spend, net margins, revenue, SDE
  • Platform risk with FBA businesses
  • Adding a Shopify store to diversify distribution

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